Initial Assessments

Initial assessments are undertaken in our rooms at Piper Street Kyneton.  

The initial assessment can involve formal or informal assessment and collection of information from parents and other caregivers.  If therapy is indicated a treatment plan is developed with the family to determine how OT can assist and what goals should be focused on in therapy.

Goals are continuously measured and re-assessed on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Sessions

Children can be seen on a fortnightly or weekly basis dependent on need.  We offer 30 min or 45 min sessions depending on  the child's age.  Occupational Therapy intervention is aimed at helping the child develop and learn new skills.  As part of the therapy process support is provided to parents to assist them to help create opportunities for development of these skills in everyday life.

School/Kindergarten Visits

School visits can assist in determining specific areas of difficulty within the school environment - we work in collaboration with teachers and parents to develop strategies that will assist the child.


Mobile Services

Home visits are offered as part of the therapy process and can be useful in understanding the full picture for the child.